Virtual Rally Racing

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Virtual Rally Racing  (c) jackie simpkins (clickerhappy)
jackie simpkins
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Hi Guys/girls

thought u would like to see a screenshot of some online rally racing that i do...its brilliant u have soooo much fun racing with people from all over the world...and the car is so life like its brilliant...
u can choose from several cars and several track....the best track is the rallycross track which takes about 1.09 minutes to get round and is 3 laps long...u can crash other cars who get in your way too...u have so much server to race on is [WCL] rallycross demo,, but 1st u have to download the LFS package if u want to start racing with some seriously fast guys... ok if u want to race then type in the search panel LFS download...then go from there any probs then contact me and i will help ....have fun because i sure do..and best off all its FREE to download...oh btw im the yellow car which is my teams colours racing round TURN 1...yes there are Teams you can join...WCL stands for World Crash can have a look at the league page
Good details. Nice image
Saturday, May 29, 2010 2:28:31 PM