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I shoot with Minolta Equipment, 5D, s414 and an old manual X 370 using a variety of Minolta lenses. I specialize in Landscape, nature, and all things that have a retro kind of theme. Afterall how can you NOT do landscapes and nature shots when you live in one of the most gorgeous places on the face of the Earth!?!?!?
Though I am new here I really like what I am finding, and I really feel the community here is second to none. I hope though it won't grow to large to fast to where size becomes a problem and caused technical difficulties like other sites.
I also sell prints of all my work that you see here. If you are interested, please contact me...all are available up to 30x40 for the most part.
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Sunset At The Old Tree
Autumn Travels
Sunrise Over The Sandia Range
Where the Wind Knows Your Name
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