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My husband and I are retired teachers. We have a 40 foot boat and a 36 foot motorhome. We split the year between the two of them, enjoying summers on the waters of the northwest and winters in the desert of the southwest. We have recently purchased a small home in Yuma, Arizona and have the boat for sale. Big change for our lifestyle...

I rate fairly on images on the site in general and on those in contests. I am frustrated with the members on EF who continue to give R10's to undeserving photos instead or using Paradigm's suggested rating scale. This has resulted on overinflated ratings that in reality benefit no one. I rank contests rather than rate them, but never give below a 5...I think chosing a first, second and third place image in each contest is the fairest way to vote, and I use this method whether or not I have an entry in the contest.

I would appreciate honest ratings and CC's on my photos. Please no one word comments, no mention of ratings in the comments and especially NO THUMBNAILS unless they directly relate to the photo on which you are commenting.
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