Tom Boyle

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I was born 1949, as my father was an artist; there was always an art influence in my life. I grew up in a small village in the lovely West Coast of Scotland I was painting and drawing from age six, at primary school I was so proud having my art work on the wall in the classroom. As I moved to secondary school I began to get into art in a big way going to the galleries in Glasgow and Edinburgh with the school and gaining merit awards at exhibitions for my school. On leaving school I joined an airline at their engineering base at Glasgow Airport, as aircraft was another passion. For the next 20years I found myself working for one of the major airlines with a wife and 2 children and a mortgage.

On leaving the airline I pursued my lifelong ambition to draw and paint for a living. After a few refresher coursers at night school I now teach people with downs syndrome and special needs. In the past I taught children at a local primary school. My own art has evolved over the years and I do more portrait drawing with commissions throughout the year. I also run painting and drawing classes 3 times a year at a local church hall.

I am an active member of Burgess Hill open studios, and a professional member of the SSA.I have sold my work at various venues in Sussex.

My own art work at present is leaning towards selling portraits and canvas work, but as with every artist my art takes me on a journey, whether it be painting or drawing I find it all extremely exciting.
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